The 8 Most Important Traits of the Perfect Nanny

The 8 Most Important Traits of the Perfect Nanny

What’s the distinguishing characteristic of a nanny loved by both the kids and their parents? Based on our experience, it’s the combination of eight traits that makes the perfect nanny, and you can use them to evaluate the services of your own nanny, or learn how to discern them in a person and hire the best candidate! 


1. She Breathes a Positive Aura 

It’s not difficult to see if a person has a positive attitude or not. Her warm and friendly manners, her smile, her facial expressions – everything about her breathes positivity and joy. When she’s in the house, you feel like you have a friend or a trusted relative with you.

Such a person will not be a last-solution hire; you will be happy to have her around in the house, and, most importantly, she will make you feel safe – and the children too!


2. She Makes Unexpected Questions!

The perfect nanny will not be satisfied with the basic and usual information you usually give your household employees. She will ask questions you did not expect.

For instance: how does the child like his apple? Sliced, in cubes, with or without the skin? What’s his favourite song or fairytale? What’s her bedtime routine? Such questions prove that she is determined to give your child her best!


3. She’s Always on Time

Being a nanny requires the same professionalism as any other job. The perfect nanny will be always on time for her duties, just like any other employee. Remember that, often, sticking to your business schedule will only be possible if she does the same!


4. She Knows How to Provide Give First Aid and Has Attended Seminars on Child Discipline  

The perfect nanny has made sure that she knows how to properly respond to an emergency, by attending first aid seminars and home safety lessons. She also knows how to handle properly disobedience or bad manners on the part of the child.


5. She Comes Prepared to Keep the Kids Occupied

The ideal nanny makes sure that the children do not just pass their time without getting hurt, but also learn or do things that are interesting, educative and fun-packed. She comes always prepared with ideas and paraphernalia to keep them creatively occupied.


6. She is Properly Dressed

A nanny coming to work already dressed for her upcoming date is a nanny that will make sure her dress will not be stained or creased – hence a nanny not prepared to do her job properly.

The perfect nanny will always come properly attired for playing with kids, helping them eat, wash etc., thus making sure they got all they need to be safe and happy. Needless to say that come-hither or unabashed dressing raised immediately a red flag.


7. She Always Informs the Parent of How Things Went

The perfect nanny will not be in such a hurry to leave the house to neglect to inform you of how things went during the day. She always waits for the parents to come back and devotes a few minutes to discuss with them about the kids and possible issues, whether they ate and made their homework, whether they were naughty or not. Any disturbing signs, any symptoms of bad health or melancholy, stress and anxiety must be noted and communicated properly to the parents.


8. The Child Will Love Her

last but not least, the perfect nanny wins the child’s approval. Even if the child is too shy to express him- or herself verbally, there will be signs of approval – smile, happy anticipation, comments of how great it has been with her etc.

Now you are able to discern the perfect nanny even if you have zero previous experience. Learn more here!