Christmas bonuses for your caregivers: how much to give and why

Christmas bonuses for your caregivers: how much to give and why

With our busy lives, we can often forget to tell those people who care for loved ones just how much we appreciate them. Christmas time offers the perfect opportunity to give your caregivers a special gift, but it can be hard to decide just how much of a bonus you should be giving them, and what form it should take. Here are some guidelines that should ensure your gift is well received and highly appreciated…


A gift for your nanny

 Where would you be without your nanny? They really are a godsend, so a Christmas gift will go a long way towards expressing that gratitude. A typical Christmas bonus for a nanny would be the equivalent of between one- and two-weeks salary. If your nanny is from overseas an alternative gift could be an air ticket to visit their family back home. In addition, a small personal present from the children is always a thoughtful gesture, it could be something they have made themselves, perhaps a drawing or some delicious cupcakes.


A present for a casual babysitter

 Your Christmas gift to your babysitter will be rather dependant on how often they work for you. Doubling their usual fee over the festive period is a great idea, but they may also appreciate a gift such as a store or salon voucher. Remember to give them a card from the kids too!


Pet sitters and dog walkers deserve a bonus too

 Don’t forget those people who take care of our beloved pets too! Again, doubling the fee of your pet sitter or dog walker is a good choice. Of course, a small pet related gift could also be a thoughtful gesture.


A bonus for your housekeeper

 A bonus for a housekeeper should be in the range of around 50-100% of their usual fee. It’s nice to also offer a small gift such as chocolates or a bottle of wine.


A bonus for your housekeeper

Caregivers for elderly relatives

 If you employ someone to help with the care giving of a senior member of the family, an extra week’s salary as a Christmas bonus is a good option. Their job can be both mentally and physically exhausting, so another thoughtful present would be a spa day, perhaps with a relaxing massage. If your caregiver is employed via an agency or facility, it can be wise to ask the agency if they have a policy regarding tipping and bonuses.


Finding the perfect caregivers

 If you are looking for a caregiver for your loved ones, then do visit the CAS website where we can help you to find highly trained and skilled caregivers that will integrate perfectly with your family.