How to be the perfect nanny and shine in your job

How to be the perfect nanny and shine in your job

You’ve found your dream job as a nanny, well done, but getting the job is just the beginning. Keeping the job and becoming indispensable is your next challenge. Here are some top tips for ensuring you are the very best nanny you can possibly be. This list is also useful for anyone who is considering hiring a nanny, as a list of what you should be expecting from your new nanny.


Perfect time-keeping  - No one likes to be kept waiting, but when it comes to important appointments, or picking the kids up from school, it’s incredibly important to be where you should be when you said you would be.


 Be a good communicator – If you have an appointment, let your employer know in advance. If the appointment is flexible, then ask first to find the most convenient time for you to leave before booking the appointment. If supplies are running low, or there’s something in the house that needs attention, be sure to let your employer know in good time. It’s much better the keep them informed than for them to discover an appliance is broken just when they need to use it, or there’s no milk for their cup of tea.


Have a positive attitude – Try your best to be cheery and happy in your work. Try not to moan and complain. If you do feel a need to grumble, you can do this with your own friends, away from your employer. If you need to bring a problem to the attention of your employer then think it through carefully first and perhaps have some possible solutions ready to suggest. Listen to their replies and be sure to consider what they say, don’t immediately react negatively or become defensive.

Never leave anything undone

Never leave anything undone – Try to finish every job you start, don’t leave tasks half finished. Your employer doesn’t want to see dirty dishes in the sink or a pile of laundry half put away. Unless an emergency situation occurs, be sure to complete all your jobs.


Total honesty – The number one reason that nannies lose their job is through being dishonest. Even a small ‘white’ lie can lead a client to mistrust you, so always be honest with them. Don’t call in sick if you are not truly ill. It only takes one comment to your employer, or for them to see one photo on Facebook for you to lose your job.


 Respect privacy – You’re working in someone's private home so remember that. Don’t gossip about anything you see or hear within the house walls and don’t share photos of the children or any details about them without the express consent of your employer.

Spot ways to go the extra mile

Spot ways to go the extra mile – Learn to predict just what your employer needs and you’ll become invaluable. This could be something as simple as knowing to put the kettle on to boil when they walk in from work, or offering to collect a child from school on your day off when you know it would be a great help.


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