How to tell if your employees have respect for you and ways to earn it

How to tell if your employees have respect for you and ways to earn it

Of course you want your employees to trust and respect you, but that trust and respect has to be earned. When you earn their respect, and they trust you to treat them well and fairly, they will perform their tasks to the best of their ability, and won’t want you to lose your trust in them.

How to tell if your employees respect you…

Firstly, think about how your employees communicate with you. Do they speak to you as an employer or is there any disrespect in their language? Of course, a friendly joke and informal aspect of the conversation may not be an issue, and may even be beneficial for your relationship, but if there is any bad attitude reflected in their tone of voice, this is a sign of disrespect.


How do they act when you talk to them? Are they paying full attention or can you see their mind wandering? Are they truly listening to what you have to say, or just partly taking it in? Their body language can speak volumes, too.


Are they comfortable with being open with you, perhaps when there is a problem? Would they tell you if they made a mistake, or would they try to cover it up instead?


Are your staff honest? Do they say they’ll do one thing, and then do another? Do they tell you they’ve completed a task when they haven’t? Perhaps they say one thing to you and another to their colleagues. If your staff don’t give you an honest answer, then they don’t truly respect you.


How to earn your employees respect…

Show your employeesrespect, and they will respect you. Treat everyone fairly and equally and be a good listener. Find out all the details of an issue rather than flying off the handle. If you find yourself getting cross, take a step back. You need to deal with problems in a professional manner, and not let your emotions get in the way.


You should always be firm, and consistent. Listen to comments and suggestions, but be a leader. A firm leader will gain more respect than a weak one. Admit up to your own mistakes and you’ll be respected for it. It will also encourage your staff to be honest and own up when they make an error. Consistency is vital for gaining trust. If you’re kind and thoughtful one day, but grumpy and unapproachable the next, you won’t gain the respect of your employees


Also, don’t forget to give praise when it is due. When staff perform well, tell them how proud you are of them. After a particularly busy week, reward them with a little time off. These small gestures will be remembered and you’ll be respected for it.


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